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Cycle 20: TTC- Sept- Oct. 2011
by pregnant_niamh (pregnant_niamh)
at September 30th, 2011 (11:54 am)

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Beginning of cycle notes: This is the first cycle we are OFFICIALLY TTC!  Yay!  My personal target area for delivering the baby is between July-October 2012.  So conception should occur between October-January (ish) 2011.

I have an option on the chart for ovulation tests, but honestly, I don't think I'm going to be taking them.  They were helpful when I was TTC Rain, but I've got a handle on charting now (lol), so I don't think I need them anymore.

End of cycle notes:  Ok, this cycle has been incredibly confusing.  It started out pretty normal.  I typically have some high temperatures during and right after my period.  However, it usually doesn't even out to low temps until at least day 7 or so... so it was a bit unusual that it went to low temps on day 3.  But that's not TOO strange.

What was confusing was my temperatures starting at day 12.  Days 10 and 11 were higher than the previous 5 temps, but 97.7 is a normal temperature for me pre-ovulation.  97.8, however, is not.  Initially, I had days 12, 13, and 14 discarded... as there must have been some kind of disturbance, right?  But then my temps kept getting higher and higher.  I don't think I've ever ovulated before day 13, so this was very strange.

Then my CM was just as confusing.  I had some creamy/wet CM and sensation on day 13.  Still wet on day 14 (though my CM had gone to sticky).  Then on day 17, I was very lube-like in sensation, and had very creamy, almost watery CM.  For the last three days of my cycle, I was experiencing spotting when I used the bathroom.  Then on day 19, I spotted most of the day, then that night... I started my period!  It wasn't a *heavy* flow, but it was certainly a flow!  I had to sleep with my cup in.  That makes this cycle a mere 18 days!  I couldn't believe it.

So now, I'm not sure if I really DID ovulate.  Could this have been an anovulatory cycle?  But then, I *did* have some type of temperature shift (so it seems)... so maybe I did ovulate, but there's something wrong with HOW I ovulated?  Could I have ovulated a defective, non-viable egg and for some reason it messed up the corpus luteum?  If I did ovulate, what day?  My best guess is day 14, even with the slightly high temps on days 12-14... this seems like the most likely day.  It's very hard for me to consider that I might have ovulated BEFORE day 13.  Day 14 coincides with the creamy CM I had.  However, this would make my Luteal Phase only FOUR days!

So I need some charting help.  When do you think I ovulated?!  Do you think I ovulated at all?  If I did ovulate, do any of you guys know what happened with this ovulation?  What could have caused this?  I most definitely DID start my period (or, if I didn't ovulate, I'm having withdrawal bleeding), so what's going on??

Update (November 2nd): Well, I waited several days (actually a couple weeks), and it looks like the "period" I had on days 19 & 20 was just very, very heavy spotting.  I stopped bleeding after day 20 and stayed blood-free until day 25, when I suddenly started bleeding again.  I then had a normal period that lasted 5 days.  So, I changed my chart to show that the bleeding on day 19 & 20 was actually spotting, and not a period.  I'm GUESSING that ovulation occurred on day 14... giving me a 10-day luteal phase.  I'm just glad I never had a cycle like this when I was TTA!

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